Editorial Policy

The ethics of authorship of scientific publications

The authors of publications:

  • must ensure that the list of sponsors includes only those corresponding to the authorship criteria (ie persons who have made significant contributions to the work), and that the merit of authorship researchers are not excluded from the list of authors;
  • - must agree to make their list of authors and should be directed to approve the publication of the version of the work; any changes in the authors list must be approved by all authors, including those deleted from the list;
  • - should be familiar with the publication presents the work and ensure that the work complies with the above requirements;
  • - must work together with the editors or publishers to accelerate the correction of the works in case of detection of these errors or omissions after publication;
  • - Received obliged to immediately notify in case of any errors in the submitted for publication, accepted for publication or already published work;
  • - may not copy from other publications references to the work to which they are not familiar themselves; citations and references to other work must be accurate and decorated in accordance with specified requirements;
  • - should refer as much as possible correctly and accurately on related to the publication of the previous work of other researchers and authors themselves, referring primarily to the source; verbatim own works and their paraphrasing unacceptable, they can only be used as a basis for the new findings;
  • - must specify authorship of data, text, images and ideas that the author received from other sources & not; & ndash; they should not be presented as belonging to the author of the publication; direct quotations from the works of other researchers should be allocated quotes and references;
  • - must comply with legislative provisions on copyright protection; material protected by copyright (eg, tables, figures or large quotes) can be played only with the permission of their respective owners.